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Amish Portable Auction Podium Miracle Invention Helps Save Your Back, Presents a Professional Image and Puts Dollars in Your Pocket

(Now offered to the Auction Community)

Dear Fellow Auctioneer:

I’m writing today with news of something I discovered and which I know can help all professional auctioneers. You see, I’ve been an auctioneer for years, one of the few Amish auctioneers in the country. My brother Leroy and I run Yoder Brothers Auctions here in the Midwest and we’ve done hundreds of government, estate, benefit and real estate auctions in the last 20 years. In 1996 Leroy was the
Michigan State Champion Auctioneer
and I won the same award in 1997! I was a
2-time International Auctioneer Champion Finalist
. Also, I’m a CAI (Certified Auctioneer Institute). I guess the reason I’m telling you this is I know what it’s like to be selling our wares and working in the trenches in the auction business. It’s a profession I know and love.

I also appreciate how physically and mentally draining this work can be. It’s like being on show all the time
. There’s so much to getting prepared for the auction and the day of is a big rush, but it takes a lot out of you. As you may also know, we Amish don’t drive. So, when we get ready for an auction we have to hire someone to take all our equipment and supplies to the auction. One of the biggest pieces of equipment has always been the auction podium. As Amish we were pretty good at making the podiums out of plywood and two-by-fours, but those monsters were really heavy and back breaking to tote around.
We had to rent a box truck and driver just to haul the 3 massive podiums we usually used for the big 3 ring auctions we have done all these years.

You may also recognize where this letter is coming from… Northern Indiana, which is the RV Capital of the world. We used to be involved with a little RV company. (Many Amish work in the RV factories). We had been selling about 100 cashier auction trailers and truck toppers to auctioneers every year (you probably remember our company, Kuntry Kustom RV). Anyway, we had a lot of manufacturing knowledge and access to cutting equipment, metal, etc.
So, Leroy and I designed a little podium we could fold up to take to auctions
. We worked on it a year or two and got it so it could fit in a box. Our driver could just haul it in the back of an SUV or small truck. In fact we can get 2 of them in an SUV.

Well, a few of my fellow auctioneers saw the thing and asked if we’d make them one. So, we made a few and got such rave reviews that we decided to make a few more. We’ve sold about 100 so far. If you look at the picture above, you can see one of our podiums at work. And, here’s what auctioneer, Mike Espe, had to say:

It was indeed a pleasure working with you through this transaction. I can’t believe we waited this long, we could have had the pleasure of benefiting from it much sooner. After purchasing the portable auction podium in October 2008 we have used it at numerous auctions; it has given us another professional advantage to on-site auctions. The podium is lightweight and easy to transport and is also self contained. It has enabled our team to have better visibility and comfort during our auctions. We have customized the podium with our Company logo and website. I would recommend the auction podium to any auction company wanting to increase their professional image.

International Auctioneer Champion

Mike Espe

Espe Auctioneering, Elburn, IN

I’ve decided this is something that I really need to let more auctioneers know about
. Yes, we can make a little money, but I really want to give back to the industry which has treated us so well.
So, for the first time, we’re letting a select group of you know about this breakthrough product which could really revolutionize your auctions
. Check it out online,
there is nobody else even making these portable auction podiums

So, Let Me Tell You a Little More About My Portable Auction Podium

As you can see at the top of this letter, the podium is very professional looking. As Champion Auctioneers, we always want to show our business in the best light. If the customers know you are a professional, they will connect with you much better and believe what you are saying about the items you’re selling.
Plus, what better way to get a great reputation and referrals for future auctions?

You can see the podium is made of aluminum, so it’s very lightweight
(about 170 pounds…compare that to the big bulky homemade wood podiums guys are hauling around). The podium comes in the aluminum case which becomes the base of the podium when you open it up. The signs and sides of the main face of the podium are stored inside and you just set them in the base.
The whole thing can be set up in about 7 minutes by one person.
(We actually recommend 2 people carry it and set it up, but I’ve done it by myself many times.)

And, look at those signs and logos.
Isn’t this the commanding presence and professionalism you want to show your sellers and customers?
There are two shelvers to set things like your notes, water, snacks, your clerk’s laptop or whatever. And, there is
enough room on the podium for you and your clerk to sit on barstools.

We have used auction podiums in our business for many years; however the podium that we purchased from Willis Yoder and Yoder Bros Portable Podiums is by far the best we have ever owned. Our auction podium regularly gets rave reviews from attendees, clients, and fellow auctioneers. This podium is truly the total package: it is compact/portable, durable, attractive, highly functional, spacious, and you can customize it with your firm’s logo. In short, our auction podium presents the professional image that we strive to portray with our auction firm.

International Champion Auctioneer

John S. Nicholls, Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc.

Fredericksburg, VA.

Here Are 9 Things I’ve Discovered By Using My Portable Podium

  1. I get a
    lot less tired
    during the auction, so my energy stays up. That’s so crucial to getting every last dollar out of the auction.
  2. Setting up and tearing down is so much easier
  3. If I have to ship
    the podiums to the auction ahead of time,
    the costs are much lower
    and I know they will arrive in one piece.
  4. I can see the crowd better and they can see me
    . So, they don’t have to move around as much and I don’t miss any bids.
  5. There is a
    much better area set aside
    for me and my clerk.
  6. I’m very concerned about
    and this podium makes me feel more in command and I get more respect from the customers.
  7. I’ve gotten some
    additional business
    from people who have seen my sign and web site on the podium.
  8. Communicating
    with my assistants and seeing what I’m auctioning is much easier.
  9. My wife doesn’t get mad at me
    for storing my old auction podiums in our barn. This new one just folds up and can be stored away in a much smaller space.
    (Yep, Amish wives have a temper, too.)

I Really Don’t Use An Auction Podium… Why Do I Need This One?

I’ve worked every type of auction from every situation you can think of, so I can tell you that you don’t need this podium all the time. If you’re working truck toppers for a farm auction you don’t need this
(by the way we have put one in the back of a truck to serve as a truck topper in an emergency)
. Or, when you’re walking the back yard for estate auctions to sell those miscellaneous items, you may not want to use our podium.

But, if you work auctions where you’re typically in the crowd or having multiple rings, having a podium can set you up for success
. Our Portable Auction Podium gets you up about 2 feet above the crowd. So you can see much better and perform at your best. And, I’ve worked from ladders and stools. I constantly lose my notes, supplies and water.
Standing on the ladder really drains me
. However, if I’m on my bar stool on the podium, I feel like I can go for hours and still be fresh.


I Want A Good Podium But Can’t I Just Make My Own?

I’ve been down this road and built many myself. Yes, you can do it, but try finding good plans. And, try hauling them around and storing them. You will have some money in the lumber and whatever signs you add, hinges, braces, etc. And your time is valuable. Do you really want to spend it making podiums that may not work as well as you’d like?
(I know somebody who had a carpenter make one for him. It was pretty nice, but quite heavy. And the cost was almost $2,000!)

By the way, wood podiums are going to fall apart and start to show their age. The frame and aluminum in our podium will last forever.
You won’t ever have to buy another podium.
(As an Amish man, it’s not our way to be boastful, but you are aware of our reputation for quality. This product is built totally by Amish craftsmen and we stand behind it. I just want you to know that.)

What I like about this product, Its name, portability & professionalism. We do auctions all over the country. We can ship it, haul it, and it sets up in no time. The portable podium does a great job of displaying our professional image to our customers, along with enhancing the visibility of the crowd. It’s big enough for myself & a clerk. We love it, A quality product by Yoder Bros Portable Podiums. A great company to work with, very hands on. The Podium added that special touch to our auction company. Highly recommend.

International Champion Auctioneer

Barbara Bonnete, CAI, AARE

United Country, Bonnette Auction Co, LLC

Alexandria, LA

Be One of the First Auctioneers to Experience This New Podium

Now that I’ve decided to sell a few more of these I am offering my
Portable Auction Podium
to a small group of auctioneers and
you are one of the lucky ones receiving this offer
. You see, there are about 35,000 auctioneers in the country. We can’t supply all of them with podiums at this time. We have a small plant and are geared up with our suppliers to reply to this first time offer, but you can imagine we will have a backlog quickly. I suggest you take action now.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

  1. Fill out the enclosed Response form and mail or fax it to me. (You can see I’ve made it easy to pay by offering a
    3 month payment plan
    because I know that this time of year is slow for you.)
  2. You can go to our
    special offer page
    and respond there.
  3. Or you can call us directly at Ph. 866-900-8839 ext 110 and we will be happy to determine what you would like to order.

I See You Have Two Models of the Podium…What’s the difference?

Up to now we’ve only offered the

Premium Portable Auction Podium

which has a shiny aluminum plate finish, totally compact and ready to use for your next auction. It’s very durable and will last a lifetime and we are able to offer it at only $1,495.

Some customers have asked if the aluminum can be painted to provide an even more professional look, so we’ve arranged with a local RV paint shop to powder coat the Diamond Model. The color is a rich silver-grey and adds a very nice smooth finish to the panels. Plus the edges of the aluminum are sealed better and are more rounded. This enhanced version is something several have asked for, so we’re happy to provide this

Diamond Portable Auction Podium

. For a limited time we are also including graphics and signage, professionally designed by our sign company, (an option that normally costs $347) for FREE to purchasers of the Diamond Auction Podium. All of this is packaged for a
special introductory price of $1,995 for the first 50 to order the Diamond model.

Bonus for Early Orders!!


As we start to roll this out to all professional auctioneers we’d like to have many satisfied customers out there. So, as a bonus for the first orders we take before November 20th, we are offering a
Shure microphone, w/cord and ¼ inch jack, valued at $99.

How Long Does It Take to Get It and How Is the Podium Shipped?

We ship the podium case in a crate by UPS freight. It usually takes 6-10 business days. (If you order the sign, it comes separately from the printer.) We also send along a DVD that shows the easy steps to set up the Portable Auction Podium.

If you need the Podium quicker because you have an auction coming up, we can arrange priority UPS shipping in 2-3 business days with a small shipping upcharge.

Here’s My Amish Guarantee to You

Why do I call this an Amish guarantee?
As an Amish auctioneer and also the inventor and manufacturer of this podium, my goal is to deal with all my customers in the most honest manner possible. Our Amish Faith and upbringing teach us how important this is and I would never want to sell you something to make a few dollars and have you dissatisfied in any way.


So, my guarantee to you is this
: After you receive the Portable Auction Podium, if you are not totally satisfied with its appearance, functionality and durability,
you can return it to me within the first 90 days for a full, 100% money back guarantee.
(I will even pay for shipping it back to me, so I will lose money on the deal.)
In my opinion this is the only honorable thing to do and it’s worth it to me to sleep right at night and know I have been true to my Faith. I told you I stand behind this product and I mean it.

Please, Take Action NOW!

So, I hope you will see how much this
revolutionary, high quality and durable product can enhance the professionalism
of your auction business, make you more money and save some backbreaking labor. Please take the opportunity to
respond to our offer right now
. We are excited to have more of our auction community using our invention and pledge the best service possible. It will be our privilege to do business with you.

Willis, Thanks for your invention and making it available to auctioneers. Please send me my Portable Auction Podium Soon!

What you will receive with your Portable Auction Podium:

  • Case which becomes your podium base when assembled. Has 2 handles on each side and casters for easy handling and transport.
  • Inside-the remaining framing to easily assemble your Portable Auction Podium.
  • Panels to insert in the frame for front and sides of the podium (unless you choose the professional signage option in which case these panels will be shipped separately to you at no extra shipping charge)
  • CD explaining how to assemble the Portable Auction Podium in 7 minutes or less.

****Bonus—FREE Shure Microphone****

As a special bonus anyone responding to this offer with-in the next 5 days will receive a FREE high quality Shure Mic w/cord & ¼ inch jack. Remember the feeling when your Mic went bad in the middle of the auction?

Flexible Payment Options Available
Contact us for details on any of our convenient payment options:

  • Premium Model –Single payment of $1,495 (
    savings of $110
  • Premium Model –One payment of $535 now with 2 additional payments of $535 in 30 and 60 days
  • Diamond Model(includes powder coating)—Single payment of $1,995 (
    savings of $150
    ) (FREE signage & graphics for the 1st 50 orders)
  • Diamond Model –One payment of $715 now with 2 additional payments of $715 in 30 and 60 days (FREE signage & graphics for the 1st 50 orders)
  • Option of signage and graphic design for your Portable Auction Podium-add $347.

(If ordering the Diamond Model this will be free for first 50 people to order)*

$187 Shipping and handling,
anywhere in contintental U. S.
(Expedited shipping available-call for details )

Free shipping
for orders of 3 or more podiums)

Willis’ Amish

If you are not completely satisfied with the appearance, functionality and durability of the Portable Auction Podium you may return it any time within 90 days. We will refund 100% of the cost of the Podium. Just contact us and we will arrange to have it shipped back to us at our cost. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

Click here to download and print an order form


Willis Yoder, CAI

Michigan State Champion Auctioneer and International Auctioneer Finalist

P.S. Don’t forget that the first auctioneers to order either the Premium or Diamond Models with-in the next 5 days, will receive the
Shure microphone, ($99 value).

P.P.S: And the first 50 people to order the Diamond model will also receive the powder coating and the bonus of free professionally designed signage for your Portable Auction Podium.

P.P.P.S: If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call 866-900-8839 ext 110 from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. I want to make sure you have all the information you need to place your order.

Willis’ Amish Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the appearance, functionality and durability of the Portable Auction Podium you may return it any time within 90 days. We will refund 100% of the cost of the Podium. Just contact us and we will arrange to have it shipped back to us at our cost. No questions asked and no hard feelings.


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