Ultra Light Portable Auction Podium

New Discovery, The Ultra Lite Podium

Podium shown setup for use Podium shown folded for transport

ultra-lite-podium ultra-lite-podium2

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you who shared your concerns, requests and ideas in what you would like to see in an auction podium. Here are some of the main concerns I have been hearing.

A podium that…

1. …is lighter ( the old one is too heavy )

2. …is smaller and ideal for real estate auctions

3. …when folded, is small enough to fit into a car

4. …sets up quickly and easily, just snaps into place

5. …you can attach casters to, that can be rolled thru a 30 ” door for commercial auctions

6. …looks great for one person , but is big enough for two people if needed

After digesting all your concerns, thoughts, and needs, I put a lot of serious thought into how I could come up with a podium that would accommodate all these different needs in one complete package. So here is what I came up with…

The New Ultra Lite Podium

Fast and Easy Setup

* Weighs less than a sack of chicken feed, approximately 60 lbs.

* The ultimate real estate help mate

* Great for one person and large enough for two people if needed.

* Sets up in one minute. You snap it into place with no loose parts to put together.

* It is a good fit for your next commercial auction as it can be used with casters on a hard suface and rolled thru a 30″ door as you sell from room to room

* It also folds down small enough that you can haul it in your car.

Looks very Sharp and will present the professional image your auction company is striving to portray. Allow it to set you up for success.